EWPAA Publications

The following fact sheets, design guides and technical manuals are available for download from the Engineered Wood Products Association of Australasia website.

Fact sheets

  • Choosing Plywood
  • EWPAA Certified Products and Licences
  • Facts about Plywood
  • Featuring Plywood in Buildings
  • Fire Resistance and Plywood Products
  • Formaldehyde Emission Facts
  • Formaldehyde Emissions from Plywood and Laminated Veneer Lumber
  • Marine Plywood in Boats
  • Plywood for Concrete Formwork Identification Manual
  • Plywood Manufacture
  • Product and Specification Guide for The Professional and Home Handyperson
  • Roles and Activities
  • EWPAA Supplier Members
  • Veneer Manufacture

Design guides and technical manuals

  • Design Guide for Plywood Webbed Structural Beams
  • General Technical Information Manual
  • Guide to the Specification, Installation and Use of Preservative Treated Engineered Wood Products
  • LP91 Low Profile Stressed Skin Plywood Floor System
  • Plywood in Concrete Formwork Manual
  • Plywood Webbed Structural Beams for Domestic Housing
  • Shelving Design Manual
  • Structural Plywood and LVL Design Manual
  • Structural Plywood Wall Bracing
  • Structural Plywood for Commercial and Industrial Flooring
  • T&G Structural Plywood for Residential Flooring
  • Timber Tops for Concrete Slabs
  • Using PAA Branded Structural Plywood as Exterior Decking


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