Do It Yourself

The range of standard EWPAA product certified plywoods are suited to a wide range of Do It Yourself (DIY) projects.

To ensure satisfactory performance, correct decisions must be made about plywood type, treatment, installation requirements and finishing relative to the particular DIY application. These notes, together with the EWPAA publication "Plywood Ideal for the Professional and Home Handyman" contain advice which will aid proper selection.

The EWPAA plywood product range fits the DIY users needs in large projects such as owner built dwellings in flooring, wall bracing and cladding applications for which detailed instructions are included in the EWPAA technical design manuals.

Wall and ceiling linings are covered in the EWPAA manual "Featuring plywood in buildings".

Marine plywood remains the ideal product for the DIY boat builder.

Decorative plywoods are available for wall panelling and built in fitments. These interior plywoods should be used in interior fully protected environments.

Type A bonded structural plywood is an ideal material for applications ranging from cladding the dog kennel to the letter box. Remember the finishing and treatment advice must be followed.

EWPAA product certified plywood products are both safe and reliable. For free DIY plans, visit the EWPAA website.

Extract from the EWPAA Publication "Facts About Plywood", courtesy of the EWPAA.

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