Melbourne Recital Centre

The Melbourne Recital Centre is a 1000 seat $75m auditorium designed to be acoustically perfect. The walls and ceilings are lined with Austral Plywoods "A" grade Hoop Pine plywood, specifically chosen for its acoustic and aesthetic properties. The inside of the auditorium is quite amazing, "like walking around inside a well crafted musical instrument".

Comprising two of the finest acoustic spaces in the southern hemisphere, carefully crafted to present the best music the world has to offer, Melbourne Recital Centre is a world-class facility for the performance, recording and broadcasting of music.

Drawing fundamental influence from the traditional box shape of European concert halls, Elisabeth Murdoch Hall is lined with striking plywood panels of Australian plantation Hoop Pine timber, designed to resemble the back of a beautiful instrument and provide greater acoustic intimacy across the 1000-seat auditorium. 

The superbly organic acoustics of the hall extend to the Salon, a uniquely intimate 150-seat space that can also act as a companion room to the hall. A series of diffusing timber panels with tessellated plywood faces are tipped in and out to form a modulated wall and ceiling.

Architects: ARM Architecture

play video Featured on ABC's programme "Catalyst".

Watch a short segment from the ABC television programme "Catalyst" featuring the Melbourne Recital Centre.

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