Montagne Centre

Project: Montagne Centre at Marist College Bendigo
Name of Photographer: Bill Conroy
Architect Firm: Y2 Architecture

 An innovative use of Austral Plywoods Premium AC Hoop Pine plywood.

From the architects:

Marist College builds upon a rich heritage of connecting to the landscape and utilising its natural materials to create built forms. From their humble beginnings in La Valla, the Marist Brothers constructed their monastery, Notre Dame de L’Hermitage from stone that was carved out of the mountain in which the building sits.

This hands-on approach and pride in craftsmanship was a driving force in the inception and development of the Montagne Centre; encapsulating the Marist spirit by using hand-crafted timber elements such as timber trusses (LVL and Glulam), recycled timber columns, hardwood timber cladding and plywood lining and joinery. This notion is reinforced by relying on traditional skilled trades such as carpenters and rammed earth specialists to construct the refined building.

The building projects out into newly formed wetlands but remains grounded in the site through heavy rammed earth and hardwood timber clad walls towards the schools centre. A natural theme of eucalyptus greys/greens and ochra reds/browns are accentuated with textured timbers internally and externally to create a warm and welcoming ambiance that gracefully define various zones and spaces.

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