Austral Multiply

Faces A-C or B-B 
Bond A-Bond or C-Bond
Emissions Super E0 or E0
Standard AS/NZS 2271 - 2004 / AS/NZS 2270 - 2006
Thicknesses 12.5, 15, 18, 25, 32mm
Dimensions 2400 x 1200, 2700 x 1200mm

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Furniture Grade Panel

Austral Multiply is a premium quality, furniture grade plywood panel, made from 100% Hoop Pine. Designed to make a feature of the edge, it is constructed using specially selected 1.5mm rotary peeled veneers, creating an even and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Austral Multiply is perfect for many furniture grade applications including tables, chairs, desks, benches and decorative partitions.

Austral Multiply is available in two grades depending on the requirements of your project (both grades feature the same high quality furniture grade core):

  • A-C is our premium grade Multiply. The face is typically consistent and uniform, and exhibits a warm, wood appearance. 
  • B-B presents a more natural appearance, using faces that exhibit natural characteristics. These include more swirling grain, colour variation and filled splits.

Choose the interior white glueline for best results

Multiply is available in a choice of glueline: black (Super E0, A-Bond) or white (E0, C-Bond). We recommend the interior white glueline for an attractive finish. Compare the photos below to see the difference.

Panel sizes available are 2400 x 1200mm and 2700 x 1200mm. Thicknesses available are 12.5, 15, 18, 25 and 32mm.

Austral Multiply is EWPAA approved and AFS certified and therefore suitable for Green Star projects.


We recommend a water based product, suitable for furniture applications.

Take care in free standing applications

Plywood is a natural product that can be affected by changes in ambient weather conditions, possibly causing previously flat sheets to bow. At Austral Plywoods all precautions are taken to ensure flatness at time of dispatch, however once the plywood has left our factory we cannot guarantee sheets to remain flat unless fastened. This is particularly important where free standing kitchen/cabinet doors are concerned.

Important - Before using oil based coatings & stains, ensure that they are compatible with Hoop Pine plywood.  Although we do recommend water based finishes, stains from Livos Australia have been tested and approved by Austral Plywoods as being suitable for use with Hoop Pine plywood.  Other oil based coatings are not recommended on plywood where the finished job will be subject to close scrutiny. Other oil based coatings tend to penetrate the face veneer of the plywood and strongly highlight the natural figure in the timber, darkening it considerably. In many applications this may not be desirable. Other oil based stains also tend to swell the grain of the surface veneer, again potentially disfiguring the plywood.

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