Austral Natural BB

Faces B-B (View veneer standards)
Bond A-Bond
Stress Grade F17
Emissions Super E0
Standard AS/NZS 2269 - 2012
Core Gaps Common (View example)
Thicknesses 5, 6.5, 9.5, 12.5, 16, 19, 25, 32mm
Dimensions 2400 x 1200, 2700 x 1200mm

Appearance Grade Structural Plywood

B-B "A" Bond Structural is an exterior grade appearance plywood with numerous applications. It is very popular in marine applications, shop fitting & cabinet making. A full Hoop Pine construction makes for a very stable plywood, and the closed grain veneer produces a superb paint finish. Overall, an extremely workable and tool friendly panel.

Super E0 formaldehyde emission rating

Our Structural products are certified to Super E0 (view certificate), the lowest emission rating obtainable.

F17 Stress Grade

Hoop Pine structural plywood manufactured by Austral Plywoods possesses a stress grade of F17. This superior stress grade is attributable to our premium Hoop Pine resource, the efficient utilisation of that resource, and a commitment to quality manufacture.

If a clear finish is required, we recommend the use of an A-C Interior or Exterior product, rather than a Structural grade.


If used as an interior wall or ceiling lining, we recommend Austral pre-finishing (click for more information).

Take care in free standing applications

Plywood is a natural product that can be affected by changes in ambient weather conditions, possibly causing previously flat sheets to bow. At Austral Plywoods all precautions are taken to ensure flatness at time of dispatch, however once the plywood has left our factory we cannot guarantee sheets to remain flat unless fastened. This is particularly important where free standing kitchen/cabinet doors are concerned.

Important - Before using oil based coatings & stains, ensure that they are compatible with Hoop Pine plywood.  Although we do recommend water based finishes, stains from Livos Australia have been tested and approved by Austral Plywoods as being suitable for use with Hoop Pine plywood.  Other oil based coatings are not recommended on plywood where the finished job will be subject to close scrutiny. Other oil based coatings tend to penetrate the face veneer of the plywood and strongly highlight the natural figure in the timber, darkening it considerably. In many applications this may not be desirable. Other oil based stains also tend to swell the grain of the surface veneer, again potentially disfiguring the plywood.

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