Instant grab adhesive

Fixing ariaply and iHoop is easy with our patented fixing solutions shadowFIX and Tec7 X-Tack.  Use shadowFIX to easily create a perfect 10mm shadow line; and with no face fixings, the ariaply will not be penetrated, keeping the protective coating intact. Tec7 X-Tack is an instant grab adhesive system, designed to be used in conjunction with shadowFIX, or by itself if a full adhesion system is desired.

Austral Plywoods supplies everything you need for using the X-Tack adhesive system: the X-Tack7 adhesive (in black, white and grey); the Tec7 adhesive gun; the Tec7 cleaner; and the Foam7 cleaner & degreaser.

IMPORTANT: X-Tack is designed to adhere directly to the prepared surface of the plywood. Any acoustic material or scrim on the back of the panel must be removed from the designated gluing areas before X-Tack is applied.

  • X-Tack glue installation guide
  • Typical Quantities for shadowFIX and X-Tack Installations
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