Russian plywood loses PEFC certification

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Green building projects specifying Russian plywood will no longer comply.

The PEFC Endorsement of the Russian Forest Management Scheme has expired.   All PEFC certificates issued against this Scheme are no longer recognised. There are sizeable quantities of Russian LVL and birch plywood in warehouses in Australia and much more on the water on its way here. Any PEFC Endorsed certificates for these products are now invalid and the product cannot be sold with a PEFC claim of certification.

What does this mean?

It means that any green building project that requires certified wood will not be able to use Russian birch plywood. Green Star "timber credits" will also not be available.  It is a timely reminder to all stakeholders of the importance of knowing the origin of wood products and the certifications that apply

For more information, please refer to the PEFC website:

Austral Plywoods produces Hoop Pine plywood fully manufactured in Australia, using timber sourced from Queensland plantations. We sell a range of AFS/PEFC certified products. FSC® certified products are also available – ask about our availability (FSC trademark license code FSC-C118268). Please visit for more information.

Architect students hold key to future design in wood buildings


Architects Kim and Monique of Baber Studio .. building innovative structures from engineered  wood products with final year students.

Architects Kim and Monique of Baber Studio .. building innovative structures from engineered
wood products with final year students.

ARCHITECTS deal with many of the critical issues in today's society. They push boundaries when it comes to living, investigate new technologies and materials, and help ensure that what we build is environmentally sustainable. Importantly, they design not just for today, but for future generations. That is why a Brisbane project by 15 masters of architecture students conducting research into innovative structures at the University of Queensland represent a refreshing new face for engineered wood systems and their application to future building styles.


“We were able to produce very stiff and stable structures without the use of additional solid timber and relied solely on the material properties of the plywood,” Mr Baber said. “Brisbane-based Austral Plywood were incredibly generous in sponsoring the student research by donating the ply. The company is one of the remaining manufacturers of high grade hoop pine ply, a species that is local to Queensland and has a beautiful blonde and clear face, perfect for the exhibition structures.”

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