Our Initiatives

Respecting Our Resource

Central to our product quality is our excellent Hoop Pine resource. We have long recognised the value of our resource and have therefore worked towards utilising the veneer to its fullest potential. For instance, every log is peeled in a two stage process, thus maximising the recovery of high grade veneer. Once peeled, the veneer is carefully graded (and sometimes re-graded) so that it can be used in the highest application possible. Even veneer pieces are recovered by jointing into full sheets - little is wasted.

Utilisation of Wood Waste

Inevitably, wood waste is generated in the plywood production process. To counter this issue Austral Plywoods installed a heat plant in 1989, allowing us to convert our wood waste into energy. The heat plant is a clean and efficient method of virtually eliminating wood waste whilst at the same time providing energy for other parts of the production process.

Solar Energy

Recent advances in solar energy technology together with pressures in energy costs and availability, led Austral Plywoods to implement a solar energy system in 2017. The advantage of having significant roof space allowed us to install 360 solar panels, with room to expand the system in the future.

Environmental Licence

Austral Plywoods adheres to an environmental licence issued by the Environmental Protection Agency, a Queensland State Government authority. This, together with our Integrated Environmental Management System (IEMS), ensures that activities conducted onsite are managed in an environmentally conscious manner.

National Pollutant Inventory (NPI)

Since its inception, Austral Plywoods has participated in the NPI, an inventory of the types and amounts of pollutants being emitted by industry throughout Australia. Participation involves regular testing of a number of substance emissions, with results reported annually. Past results have shown our pollutant emissions to have a ranking of 1 (on a scale of 1-100, where 1 is the lowest emission rating available).

Future Improvements

Minimising our environmental impact is a continual work in progress. We are frequently investigating and evaluating methods of improving our environmental performance.

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