Wood & Carbon

Wood stores carbon

Wood products (including plywood) are a renewable resource that provide wide-ranging benefits.  One important benefit is the role wood plays in tackling climate change.

Growing trees store carbon very efficiently, by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. This carbon remains locked up in the wood even when used for building products or furniture.

Reducing your carbon footprint

Using wood products is a great start, but have you considered how far the product has been shipped?  Some plywood imported into Australia is shipped enormous distances from Europe, Russia, South America and China, and when this is taken into account your carbon footprint is suddenly looking a lot larger.

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

An Environmental Product Declaration, or EPD, is a standardised and verified way of quantifying the environmental impacts of a product based on a consistent set of rules known as a PCR (Product Category Rules).  An EPD is beneficial in achieving Green Star ratings.  The EPD for Austral Plywoods' plywood products is available for download here.

Australian made since 1925

Austral Plywoods has been manufacturing high quality plywood since 1925. Our plywood is made in Brisbane from premium Hoop Pine sourced from Southeast Queensland.  Choosing from our range of products will not only guarantee that you are using a sustainable and certified wood product, but will ensure your carbon footprint is not magnified by long distance shipping.

Wood Naturally Better

Austral Plywoods is a Wood Naturally Better "Program Partner", supporting the increased use of responsibly sourced forest and wood products. For more information visit www.naturallybetter.com.au

play video Wood and Carbon

Watch the Planet Ark video explaining the benefits of wood storing carbon and the environmental advantages of choosing wood.

play video Wood - Nature's Stroke of Genius

Watch this video for an informative explanation of the benefits of wood as a raw material.

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