Sustainable Resource

Plantation Grown

Austral Plywoods utilises Hoop Pine, a sustainable resource that is 100% plantation grown and managed by the HQPlantations. HQPlantations is the largest plantation company in Queensland and is committed to sustainable forest management. Forests under HQPlantations care are managed from a long-term, stewardship perspective that benefits the environment as well as stakeholders.  The resource is RW certified.


HQPlantations is independently certified under the Responsible Wood (RW) system. This forest certification system requires HQPlantations to meet internationally-accepted criteria for sustainable forest management covering economic, social, environmental and cultural perspectives. It also gives Queensland's timber industry access to a "chain of custody" process for green labelling its products as coming from sustainably managed forest resources when sourced from HQPlantations.

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Monarch of the Forest from Simon Woods on Vimeo.

Responsible Wood

RW sets criteria for sustainable forest management from an economic, social, environmental and cultural perspective. It addresses aspects such as maintaining biological diversity, ecosystem health and vitality, soil and water quality and protecting indigenous cultural and spiritual values. Mutual recognition of RW with other similar national schemes by the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes (PEFC) confers international status on RW. 

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Chain of Custody

The Austral Plywoods product range is certified for Chain of Custody under AS 4707:2014. Please view the Chain of Custody page for more information.

Superpod sustainable home

Austral Hoop Pine plywood was considered the best sustainable choice to lend an organic warmth and contrast to the Superpod sustainable home project.

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