Home Theatre

Home Theatres are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes, and a slotted or perforated plywood ceiling is the perfect to way to add both sophistication and practicality.  The warm Hoop Pine grain creates an inviting space to be entertained, while the acoustic slotting/perforating improves the room sonics and clarity of your speaker system.

We recommend Austral Premium AC (Interior) for acoustic purposes, using Hoop Pine veneer with an interior glueline for a lighter and brighter finish. Austral Natural BB is another option if a more natural appearance is desired.

For a decorative slat wall effect, another option is Acoustic Endurapanel®. Modern homes typically combine open plan living areas with timber and tiled floors, causing unwanted noise travel. Acoustic Endurapanel® solves this common problem by way of excellent sound absorption properties, with the added benefit of creating a beautiful feature in any home. Sound travels through the perforations in the panel and into the insulation, absorbing unwanted noise and echo. Acoustic Endurapanel® is also perfect for alfresco areas, balcony ceilings, restaurants, and shop fitouts.

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