Enjoy the warmth of a wooden floor

Austral Plywoods offer a Hoop Pine plywood flooring suitable for clear finishing. The face veneer is a selected “A” grade 2.5mm Hoop Pine veneer. The plywood is manufactured to the AS/NZS 2269-2004 standard and complies with the EWPAA-JAS-ANZ Quality Control Programme.

Hoop Pine flooring has superior strength and stiffness relative to weight, and is easily installed by one person. This enables the floor to be laid efficiently and is very cost effective for those looking for the comfortable feel of a natural plywood floor.

Flooring can be supplied either tongue and grooved, as used in a traditional floor, or square edge for stair treads.

Please note: Hoop Pine is a softwood timber and therefore can be easily marked, dented or scratched. This is a natural characteristic of this species and is not a product fault.

Please note: Do not use appearance grade plywood flooring as a platform during construction. If exposed to the weather, checking of the face will occur. For best results the floor should be laid just prior to finishing. Consult your chosen supplier for expert advice to ensure best results are achieved.

Please note: When plywood flooring is laid, sanding is required to ensure plywood edges are flat (plywood sheets have a thickness variance from sheet to sheet). Also sanding is required to smooth out roughness. A light sand is only given to plywood during the production process.

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